Build Chatbots with PHP - Team License by Christoph Rumpel

Build Chatbots with PHP - Team License

Finally a starting point for your PHP chatbot

What Others Say

Christoph's Chatbot book is a great way to enter the world of chatbots with PHP. It covers everything to get your first chatbot up and running and will leave you inspired to build your own.
Marcel Pociot
I'm glad that we partnered with Christoph on the Laracon EU chatbot. The chatbot is a fun and reliable way for our attendees to get information, plan their own schedule, and be kept up to date with current announcements. We think that it's great that the chatbot's development is chronicled in his book and that everyone can learn from that project.
Shawn McCool


This package is for Teams. If you like to use the ebook and course in your company, please choose this one. Next to the 200 pages ebook you will get access to the video course showing how we built the Laracon EU chatbot from the last chapter of the book.

Benefit from my experience and let me teach you everything you need to know to build chatbots in PHP.

When I started building chatbots in 2016 there wasn't a single tutorial available on how to do that with PHP. The only way of learning how to do so was by trial and error, but I made it through! Now, two years later, you will find some blog posts on the subject, but still not much. With this book, I want to change that and give everyone the perfect starting point for building chatbots with PHP.

Team License 👪

With this package you are allowed to use the book and the videos in your company and team, no matter the size.

Table of Contents 📕

  • 01 Preface
  • 02 Introduction
    • Chatbot Basics
    • The Rise of Chatbots
    • Why PHP Is A Perfect Fit For Chatbots
  • 03 Build Your First Chatbot in Plain PHP
  • 04 Chatbot Frameworks
  • 05 Chatbots and the GDPR
  • 06 Let's Build a Conference Chatbot for Laracon EU

Videos 🎬

Only about half of the videos have been released yet. Stay tuned for many more in the upcoming weeks.

What's included?

Video Icon 33 videos File Icon 3 files


Build Chatbots with PHP (EPUB v1.2)
17.5 MB
Build Chatbots with PHP (PDF v1.2)
16.8 MB
Build Chatbots with PHP (MOBI v1.2)
52.3 MB
Videos - Let's Build a Conference Chatbot for Laracon EU
01 Welcome
2 mins
02 Set Up the Application
4 mins
03 Onboard Users
6 mins
04 Store Subscribers
8 mins
05 FAQs - DialogFlow Intro
4 mins
06 FAQs - Connect Dialogflow
3 mins
07 FAQs - More intents
3 mins
08 FAQs - Create conversations
2 mins
09 FAQs - Code of conduct conversation
2 mins
10 FAQs - Date conversation
1 min
11 FAQs - Hotels conversation
1 min
12 FAQs - Conversations for journey, who is it for and language
2 mins
13 FAQs - Location conversation
3 mins
15 FAQs - Sponsors conversation
5 mins
15 FAQs - Sponsors conversation
4 mins
16 FAQs - Schedule conversation
6 mins
17 Notifications - Backend
3 mins
18 Notifications - Send
5 mins
19 Notifications - Select Receiver
4 mins
20 Facebook Messenger - Setup
6 mins
21 Facebook Messenger - Get started and Location Conversation
6 mins
22 Facebook Messenger - Send Notifications
5 mins
23 Privacy - Handle Subscriptions
9 mins
24 Privacy - Show Personal Stored Data
5 mins
25 Tests - Overview
5 mins
26 Tests - Onboarding Conversation
7 mins
27 Tests - Subscription Conversation
4 mins
28 Tests - Personal Data Conversation
3 mins
29 Tests - FAQ Location
5 mins
30 Extras - Typing Indicator
5 mins
31 Extras - Facebook Menu and Telegram Slash Commands
8 mins
32 The End - Summary and Laracon EU Stats
9 mins
33 Extras - Debugging Guide
20 mins

👋 Hi, I'm Christoph!

I am a web and chatbot developer from Vienna. Welcome to my store.


Who is this book for?

You are the right person for this book if you...

  • want to learn more about chatbots
  • you're a PHP developer and want to build a chatbot
  • are interested in how to setup up a chatbot project from scratch
  • like to level up as a chatbot developer
  • want to innovate your company's or client's services
  • you want to contribute to the future of conversational interfaces

What do I learn?

  • What the chatbot topic is about.
  • Why it is important for the future.
  • How chatbots could help your, your company and your clients.
  • How to use PHP for building chatbots.
  • How to use BotMan and Laravel to build the Laracon EU conference chatbot.
  • How to use an NLP service like Dialogflow to analyze messages.
  • How to test chatbots.

Which ebook formats do I get?

The main version of the book is a PDF. There is also an EPUB and MOBI version available, but the design is best with the PDF.

Will there be more videos?

All the planned videos are already available. There might be some more.

€39? The other ebook I bought only cost €5.

I can't tell how other authors calculate their book prices but I can tell you about me. I took me about 400 - 500 hours to build the book the course, the website, the store, the blog articles...

When you think about this you will notice that this project was not about making money :-) I could have done something else to get rich ;-) But what it was about providing value and share my experience in a new field. With this book you are able to create your own first chatbots for yourself, your company or a client. So I really do think it is worth the price.

Can I get a customized invoice?

After your purchase with Stripe or PayPal you automatically get an invoice. If you need something differently or specific for your company, use the provided contact details from the mail to contact me.